Fall in Love Like a Star



Fall in Love Like a Star (怦然星动)

Rating: 2/5 stars

Happy New Year!! 2015 was a year of many new things (including this blog!). Thanks for all your comments and support through this time of so much change ~ Cheers to an AWESOME 2016.

Since movies don’t take too much time to watch, I’ve been watching a few in the last few weeks. I’ve actually been looking forward to this particular movie for a while since the concept seemed cute and Yang Mi and Li Yi Feng were in the drama Legend of the Ancient Sword (古剑奇谭) together. They seemed to have good chemistry in the drama even though even though the drama didn’t turn out all that good (maybe). I didn’t finish Ancient Sword so I’m not sure if it got better by the end.



The movie starts with Tian Xin (Yang Mi) and Su Xing Yu (Li Yi Feng) as friends in college. As their friendship grew, they developed feelings for one another and started dating. Things were really good for a while.

Then after college Su Xing Yu wanted to pursue music so he moved to the UK. To make a living, he washed dishes at a restaurant. Money was tight and he spent a lot of his earnings and time on long-distance calls with Tian Xin. A couple of months after the move, Tian Xin breaks up with Su Xing Yu and the viewer can tell it’s because she did not want to hold him back–but she tells him it is because she has met someone else to make things final.

Five years later, Tian Xin is starting a new job when she runs into Su Xing Yu who is now a superstar who returned to China. Tian Xin’s new job just happens to be at his agency. Su Xing Yu gets into an argument with his manager, she tells him to pick someone from the company who can take her place since obviously no one can replace her. Tian Xin happens to be there and he picks her to be his new manager. This is where the story really begins.

(Spoiler part of summary below)

They don’t get along and then they do get along. At first he tries to show off his wealth and then they double date and realize that they still like each other. They overcome some difficulties with work since Su Xing Yu’s old manager tries to ruin him. After a hot air balloon ride, Tian Xin admits that she broke up with him because she did not want to hold him back.

Su Xing Yu has more career difficulties when people find out that he is dating Tian Xin because his fans prefer him single. He stays true to himself and pursues Tian Xin. Happy ending.



I liked the actors and watching the pretty scenes with pretty people–they look great together in stills! After watching the trailer, I was pretty excited for this movie. Happy endings are always good too since I don’t really like movies with sad endings.

The unfortunate thing is that there was no chemistry and the plot was way too predictable. The side characters weren’t bad, I just did not care for them. Normally when there is no chemistry, at least actors make me want to finish to see the happy ending. For this movie, I didn’t really feel like finishing once I got to the halfway point. I really wanted to like it, but sadly this one was a flop for me.

Did you watch this movie, what were your thoughts? Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood. Hopefully there are people out there who enjoyed this movie 🙂





(Full-length movie with subtitles can also be found on Youtube)



2 thoughts on “Fall in Love Like a Star

  1. You’re not alone. Definitely not haha. I also wanted to like the movie for Li Yi Feng. But no, I couldn’t.

    It wasn’t horrible. It was close but it wasn’t. And it would’ve been decent in my eyes if I haven’t been spoiled by good stuff these past few days(I’ve had a lot of cheese, if ya know what I mean). The problem was that I couldn’t care about the characters. I found myself not rooting for anybody. So, why bother?

    It had a lot of pretty though. The hot air balloon may not have been romantic to me but it was pretty. And I cringed while watching the *swoon-worthy* turbulence scene.


    1. YES TO CHEESE!! I was devastated to hear that they pre-empted for New Year’s this past week. I’m thinking about posting Kdrama recs since they’ve been great in recent months. That and I may have just opened up my schedule a bit for the coming months so hopefully more time to translate for fun 🙂


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