Forensic Webdrama Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (法医秦明) is a forensic webdrama based on novel The Eleventh Finger written by Qin Ming (author who shares name of the title character). The audiobook version is also available on Ximalaya.

Translated Summary from Baidu (Chinese Wiki)
The police chief Lin Tao in Long Pan City and forensic examiner Qin Ming go way back. Unable to deal with Qin Ming’s eccentric tendencies any longer, Qin Ming’s assistant sent in his two week’s notice.  Li Da Bao is temporarily transferred over to help the group in the interim. Initially, Qin Ming did not trust this female Da Bao (his previous male assistant shared the same first name). Along with her keen sense of smell, our stubborn Da Bao demonstrated her strong reasoning and observation skills so that even picky Qin Ming wanted to keep her. This was how Long Pan Police Department’s “triangle of steel” came into existence. Together, Qin Ming, Da Bao, and Lin Tao solved unimaginable crimes.

medical examiner qin ming da bao lin tao crime scene
“Triangle of Steel” hard at work at their first crime scene

Thoughts so far
I like it, but this is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Mostly, I really like Da Bao’s character. As a female medical examiner, she is spunky and strong-willed albeit her tiny frame. She’s a bit quirky, but then again, all three of the main characters are a bit weird.

Now for why I think some people may not like Dr. Qin Medical Examiner — this drama shows lots of graphic details from the autopsies. Maybe they are trying for a close adaptation? Most of the time, Asian dramas are not nearly as graphic. Additionally, there are only 20 episodes that are 30 minutes each! Not sure if there will be enough time in the short episodes to convey the character development I would like, but I am enjoying this nonetheless.

Li Da Bao Qin Ming Medical Examiner
First day on the team

Is anyone else watching this drama, what are your thoughts?

Other Updates — Rest assured, I have not given up on translations. But for now, my personal life has kept me quite busy (along with the negative feelings associated with people reposting translations without permission) so I’ve been keeping up more with dramas. I really miss posting about novels and dramas a lot so I plan to post more. Thank you for staying with me 🙂


7 thoughts on “Forensic Webdrama Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

  1. I love Li Dao Bao and Lin Tao! They provide just the right amount of comic relief for a drama so… graphic. I especially love how they tease Qin Ming. And Qin Ming would be like, “what are those two fools talking about?!”


  2. hello jollymerry, am on a search for english subtitles for Dr. Qin, M.E. … hope you may consider subtitling this interesting story. lovely sunshowerfields💛


  3. I love this drama so much, their interactions were seriously so funny. Do you have any recommendations on something similar perhaps?


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