When a Snail Falls in Love Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2

crime scene when a snail falls in love

A mysterious figure buries something in the dark of night. We cut to the police interviewing a distressed bystander at a crime scene. From the interview, we learn that a suspect has put knife blades in the grass in a neighborhood park. The blades were painted green and hard to see so some people were hurt.

ye shi blae shop when a snail falls in love

This case is given to our crime squad. All the blades had Ye Conglomerate’s logo so they go into one of their stores to investigate. From the store manager, they learn that Zhang Shi Yong has not been seen in multiple days and he had taken out an order of knives recently that matched the ones found in the park.

Ye Qiao When a Snail Falls in Love

The squad pays a visit to Zhang Shi Yong’s wife, Ye Qiao, and she seems unconcerned by his disappearance. From Zhao Han’s conversation with the wife, there seems to be a lot of distrust between the Ye family and the police.

When a Snail Falls in Love ye zi xi

Meanwhile, Ji Bai and Ye Zi Xi spend time together in his hometown visiting his grandfather. She seems to be sad when reminiscing alone.

Back at Ye Qiao’s house, Xu Xu predicts that Zhang Shi Yong has been abducted and says “Zhang Shi Yong will not be returning. He’s been kidnapped.”

Later, Zhao Han asks her to explain her observations and Xu Xu explains how she sees that their marriage isn’t going well (likely because he cheated) and that his actions seem irregular for someone in his position making it likely that he was forced to acquire the blades.

Ye Zi Xi reminisces with Ji Bai about how Ye Qiao (so they are in the same family) turned all the students in school against her in high school, but he and his friends still talked to her. Ye Zi Xi says that everything is still the same back home at his grandfather’s. Third brother (Ji Bai) is still the same but she is not the old Ye Zi anymore. Ji Bai gets a call before they explore it any further and agrees to return that night.

Xu Xu watches on TV as news outlets break the news about the blade incident. Zhao Han tells everyone to break for the night, but Xu Xu interrupts by predicting that the kidnapper will be in contact soon… And the phone rings.

The police help Ye Qiao negotiate with the kidnapper and set a drop-off point for money. The kidnapper is shown tying up Zhang Shi Yong.

When a Snail Falls in Love xu xu

Zhao Han asks how Xu Xu knew when the kidnapper was going to contact Ye Qiao when she predicted for it to happen. Xu Xu explains that the person who put the blades in the grass is likely the same person who kidnapped Zhang Shi Yong. Usually a kidnapper would get in contact within 48 hours, but this kidnapper had not. She thought that he was waiting for the story to break to smear the conglomerate’s name. After the story broke, there was no reason for him not to be in contact.

As Ye Zi Xi drops Ji Bai off at the police station. As he leaves, he says “If you encounter anything, remember to come to the police” to remind her that he’ll be there to help her since she seemed a bit off in their encounter. He then gets to work and works through the night to research the kidnapper.

The next morning, Yao Meng goes undercover as Ye Qiao’s younger cousin and they prepare to make the exchange to save Zhang Shi Yong.


I’ve always been drawn to quirky characters so I really like how Xu Xu is turning out to be in the drama. So far, no interactions yet from our main characters. Can’t wait for them to meet in the next episode! I plan on recap-ing episode 3 for sure, but not certain yet after that. I like talking about dramas so any thoughts/comments are appreciated! 🙂


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