When a Snail Falls in Love Episode 3 Recap

When a Snail Falls in Love Ji Bai

Episode 3 starts out in the middle of all the action as firetrucks are mobilized and Ji Bai shows up at the scene. Bystanders are looking up at the roof of the building – looks as if there is action on the roof.

We are brought back to the end of Episode 2 where Ye Qiao and Yao Meng go to the “exchange” to save her husband. They leave the suitcase full of money near a suspicious male thinking that he must be the one. The suspect takes the suitcase and the police take him into custody as he is walking out.

When a Snail Falls in Love Yang Yong Xu Xu

Meanwhile, a janitor catches Xu Xu’s attention. As he starts walking away, Xu Xu follows him first into an empty back hallway, then into an elevator, and later onto the roof. Luckily she remembers to text Zhao Han about the situation as she follows the suspect up to the roof.

On the roof, Xu Xu finds a wrench and clutches on for dear life, but it’s not like small, weak, Xu Xu who failed her police academy physical can overpower anyone. The suspect has a knife and finds out that Xu Xu is with the police. He takes Xu Xu hostage as Zhao Han and the team meets them on the roof.

We find out that the suspect is called Yang Yu. Terrified, Xu Xu still manages to logic with the suspect about his options. Yang Yu reveals that his reasoning behind the kidnapping is hatred of what the Ye family has done, not because of money.

When a Snail Falls in Love Ji Bai

While the suspect is concentrated on Zhao Han, Captain Ji Bai’s grappling hook grips onto Yang Yu’s arm (but there is no sign of injury after hah) with great precision and saves Xu Xu. Ji Bai then congratulates Xu Xu (in a sarcastic tone) on being the first police officer to be taken hostage in this city.

Xu Xu ignores that and her first words to Ji Bai were warning that Zhang Shi Yong is in danger.

On their way back to the precinct, Yao Meng gushes about her admiration for Ji Bai while Xu Xu is still concentrated on Zhang Shi Yong.

At the precinct we pan back to the initial suspect that the police took into custody. He claims to have seen Ye Qiao on TV and wanted to steal something good.

Ji Bai speaks with Ye Qiao who isn’t very helpful. Ye Zi Xi comes to join them. Xu Xu also follows behind Ye Zi Xi saying that she has important things to talk with Ji Bai about. Xu Xu tells Ji Bai that she is now certain that Zhang Shi Yong was in danger.

When asked to explain, Xu Xu tells Ji Bai that Yang Yong’s family suffered when the Ye Family went through changes years ago but why he chose Zhang Shi Yong after so many years did not make sense. Zhang Shi Yong married into the family and Ye Qiao is his connection to the family. But when she saw Ye Qiao and Ye Zi Xi in the same room, it made more sense because they were wearing the same style necklace.

It seems like too much of a coincidence that two women with different styles would wear the same necklace. She thinks that Zhang Shi Yong cheated on Ye Qiao (her original prediction) with Ye Zi Xi. Zhang Shi Yong probably ordered two of the same style.

As for Yang Yong, he was childhood friend with kids from the Ye family. Xu Xu thinks that the reason Yang Yong went for Zhang Shi Yong is because Zhang Shi Yong took what Yang Yong held as precious – Ye Zi Xi.

When a Snail Falls in Love Zhao Han

In the interrogation room, Yang Yong looks at the clock and creepily hints that Zhang Shi Yong is dead. From a flashback we see that he intended for an old grandpa to unknowingly kill Zhang Shi Yong as he is getting rid of the trash each day at a certain time. Luckily, we pan back to see that Ji Bai had already found Zhang Shi Yong prior to Yang Yong’s capture from the night of research he came back to do the night before.

Ji Bai and Xu Xu discuss their philosophy on solving crimes – Xu Xu believes in her criminal psychology and profiling whether Ji Bai says she is wrong about Ye Zi Xi and Zhang Shi Yong.


This is a bit late, but recaping has been fun! Might start recaping by the week though since episodes are fairly short. Is anyone else following the drama every week?


2 thoughts on “When a Snail Falls in Love Episode 3 Recap

    1. Decided to stop because the episodes seemed so slowww. Did you finish? I lose interest quite often so decided to take baby steps and do first impressions recaps of dramas I like


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