Stay With Me Episodes 1 and 2 Recap

stay with me fang qi wo zhua jin wo

Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) is a modern Chinese Drama that stars some of my favorite actors including Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai. Since I’ve really liked recap-ing so far, this will be the start of a first impressions series where I recap my most anticipated dramas. All discussion and comments welcome—I love talking about dramas. Enjoy!

Episode 1

It all starts with Li Wei Wei’s (Chen Qiao En) wedding gown showcase. She fixes things in the background and makes sure everything is just right for the start of the show and states that she will not lose to Chen Yi Du (Wang Kai). Wei Wei’s company Ling Long is up against Wang Kai’s company Du to win a commission that will expand their European market. When the finale approaches, the main model cannot walk because of a twisted ankle, so Wei Wei decides to walk the runway herself to complete her showcase.

At the conclusion of the showcase, a reporter interviews Chen Yi Du and he indicates his distaste for the collection because the collection reflected the designer’s lack of romance. To combat this, Wei Wei says that it’s such a coincidence that he says that. As she says this, Huo Xiao (Kimi Qiao) walks on stage and Wei Wei proposes to Huo Xiao her second in command on stage in front of everyone. She tells people that she wanted to take the opportunity to invite everyone present to their wedding tomorrow.

The judge of the showcases, Ms. Gedia, chooses to decide on the matter in three days time, which is of course disappointing for Wei Wei.

In the car after, Huo Xiao tells Wei Wei that it isn’t too late to change her mind and asks if she really wants to marry him. She gives the least romantic reason… that he is the most logical person and she is of the right age, so there isn’t a reason not to.

Wang Kai Tiffany

They run into Chen Yi Du and Tiffany (his second-in-command) in what seems like their hotel and the couples exchange barbs with each other.

We see that someone is trying to bribe Ms. Gedia so she picks Ling Long over Du.

In another scene we see Tiffany prying into whether Yi Du still has feelings for Wei Wei.

Wang Kai Kimi

Later Huo Xiao runs into Yi Du at the gym and they decide to literally duke it out. Huo Xiao gets the final word, saying just because Yi Du couldn’t win her heart, it doesn’t mean he cant.

Someone seemed to have filmed the bribery between Ms. Gedia and a man who has yet to be introduced. Sneaky guy takes the film and blackmails the man to pay him for the film.

The morning of the wedding—aka the next day, Wei Wei tells Huo Xiao she will meet him downstairs soon. After he leaves, she doesn’t look happy. She talks to the mirror and says to her dad (who isn’t with her anymore, but in heaven) that she will be happy.

On her way downstairs, Yi Du intercepts her and he calls her out on her plan. Ms. Gedia also proposed to the man she loved in a public setting in her younger days, so Wei Wei used that to her advantage. Meanwhile, the blackmailer exchanges the video for money.

On their way out of the hotel, a man (one who just bought the video) runs into Wei Wei and the contents in her bag spill when it is knocked out of her hands. He also drops his flash drive and picks it up. Huo Xiao helps her pick up the contents of her bag and no one realizes that their flash drives were mixed up.

Huo Xiao and Wei Wei are about to get married when…

Someone breaks the news that Ling Long’s storeroom burned down and all the dresses were lost just as Huo Xiao is about to put a ring on Wei Wei.

Huo Xiao doesn’t even get to put the ring on Wei Wei before she leaves to check on her dress collection, poor Huo Xiao. She thinks it must be Chen Yi Du.

They run into Yi Du and Tiffany once again. This time with more barbs exchanged, a few physical ones too. Someone overhears Huo Xiao picked up Wei Wei’s flash drive. Ms. Gedia calls off the competition.

Wei Wei is lost in thought as she goes for a walk after the ordeal. Seems like there are people following Wei Wei, but she doesn’t see them. They are likely after her flash drive. The people following her accost her on a bridge where she fights back and falls into the river.

Episode 2

A suspicious figure approaches but leaves quickly as hospital staff walk by Wei Wei’s hospital room. Huo Xiao tells someone to find a private investigator since everything is too much of a coincidence… the fire and the accident. The suspicious figure says that “she” isn’t likely to wake up now that it’s been two months as he passes by Huo Xiao leaving the hospital.

Doctors come running up to Huo Xiao and his colleague/secretary saying that Wei Wei is gone.

Yi Du Roses.jpg

In the meantime, we see Yi Du hesitating when a lady comes around to sell roses. He has also come to the hospital.

We see Wei Wei eating ice cream with a boy also in a patient gown. She says that she will help him after she finishes the ice cream he gave her. And why is he calling her auntie, she is obviously more of an older sister-aged adult…She helps the boy get his kite from the tree but is left hanging in the tree.

As she tries to get down, she falls. Coincidentally, she falls right on Yi Du and they just happen to lock lips.

She doesn’t recognize him and starts yelling for help when he calls her name. He’s confused and she lands a good few hits with her hospital slipper—not really undeserving I guess.

Huo Xiao Yi Du Stay with Me

When Huo Xiao and the nurses finally catch up to them, she faints. Yi Du seems to want to help her but doesn’t want them to see. They take her in and Huo Xiao confronts Yi Du who claims to have come to check if she had died yet. Huo Xiao threatens him to keep him away from his woman while Yi Du says he’ll have to keep his woman away from him.

Wei Wei wakes up and tells Huo Xiao to pack quickly since she can’t miss the Beijing Olympics. She’s stuck seven years ago and doesn’t remember anything past that.

Yi Du tells Tiffany that Wei Wei is alive and kicking, hah literally.

stay with me wei wei

Wei Wei is surprised that iPhones are now on 6s. Huo Xiao breaks it to her that even their boss (Steve Jobs) died. And all of a sudden she looks distraught “TVSQ disbanded. And I didn’t even get their concert tickets.” – totally meta, but they have a song “Stay With Me”

When they get to her home, the colleague wonders what they should do about her going back to work. They already made sure the hospital wouldn’t tell people about her condition.

Meanwhile, someone at the company plans to take over her position thinking she’s probably as good as dead.

Huo Xiao takes her around her home to try to stimulate her memory. She’s like a kid in a candy shop looking at all her material possessions including shoes, bags, and coats. She feels weird that she woke up to all this; it all seems so easy.

They go eat together and catch up on how she got to where she is now and what had happened in the past few years.

stay with me huo xiao kimi

She asks about Huo Xiao’s personal life to find that he has a fiancé. When he says that it is her, she sprays him with champagne from shock.

Later, he shows her the video of her proposing to him during the fashion show as proof. She has a brief blurry vision of being in love but can’t recall much. She asks if he’s the one she loves and he confirms that she loves him. She thinks it’s so funny because they’ve been together for so long, she remembers what he was like as a kid wearing open-bottom pants and all. Topic changes to her dad and she wants to catch-up with her dad. Huo Xiao barely prevents her from finding out that her dad had already passed away. Seems like he’s in on the voicemail he set up of her dad going on vacation so she wouldn’t find out when she called.

The next morning, she wakes to a bunch of her bags. Life is grand, except she overhears a conversation Huo Xiao has with the colleague—the company isn’t doing well. Huo Xiao leaves to meet with his dad while the colleague is left to take care of Wei Wei.

Wei Wei has breakfast with the colleague and finds out that he’s Huo Xiao’s secretary, Ou Ye (synonymous to “oh yes”), so cute! She pretends to gain back her memories and gets him to tell her about why the company isn’t doing well. She learns that Chen Yi Du has been taking people from her company. From her study guide that Huo Xiao made, she knows Chen Yi Du as the guy who tried to harass her—the “bad guy”.

Wei Wei wants to win her people back by going to Du and she’s stopped by the guards. Huo Xiao comes to collect her. She thinks that since they’ve worked together for so long, the designers must feel something if she pleads for them to not leave Ling Long. Huo Xiao says that they might not have as fond memories. She made one do overtime because he wasn’t detail-oriented enough, criticized one of his style and decreased his salary, and tore one of their drafts. They aren’t really her friends.

stay with me fang qi wo zhua jin wo

She sees that they aren’t doing well since they found Sophie’s (one of the designer who left) design torn up in the trash. Wei Wei wants to save them from Du which seems pretty naïve. But we see that she starts working on making the Sophie’s torn-up dress design. in to a meeting to stop people from trying to take her spot in the company while she “recovers”. She manages to get Huo Xiao’s dad who is the big boss to side with her.

Next, she uses the design she found in the trash to piece together into a dress and wears this when meeting the designers who have just left her company. They see Sophie’s designs on her and all want to go back with her since they were given the worst jobs. Yi Du didn’t really need them to be designers, he just wanted to remove them from his competition’s use. Seems like they were all assigned amateur beading tasks. Yi Du stops them on their way out.


I am looking forward to what this drama will bring, been kind of bored since Wei Yang finished airing this past weekend. The first two episodes weren’t the most exciting, but this seems to be a long drama at 45 episodes total. So lots more room for improvement. What do you guys think, is anyone else watching?

Also, I will try to post more and edit more chapters soon. A lot have been going on in my personal and work life in the past few months, one of them being I adopted a puppy!! So I’ve been spending more time outdoors. Below is short clip I made, he’s the best 🙂



2 thoughts on “Stay With Me Episodes 1 and 2 Recap

  1. Thank you so much for the recap. A highly anticipated drama …. How to miss it when this drama has all my fav ppl.. Wang Kai, Kimi Qiao and Chen Siao En 😉
    Guess I need to wait till the end of this drama to start watching as it is not an easy wait for me. In the meantime the recap would be highly anticipated 😘


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