I love reading, drawing, and drinking tea. I also like food a lot, but not sure if eating can be considered a hobby. Lately I’ve started translating as a way to destress (potential new hobby?) so thought I’d share  ^_^


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    1. Thanks Nina, I plan to! If you like crime solving this only gets better bc the author Xiu Tang did quite of lot research for this novel.


  1. Wondering if anything had happen to you ad it had been almost half a year since your ladt post. Hope everything is Ok.
    Looking forward to future translation of forensic doctor.


  2. Hey jollymerry – hope you’re doing great! One of the readers in our site asked us to pick-up your novel, so I came here to look around, and I realised you were looking for a way to prevent websites from stealing from you – I have a few ideas on how to handle that – send me an email at novelreborn07@gmail.com 🙂


  3. Hi Jollymerry, I’m maggie from explore translation. I’m planning a xmas special where I translate fewchapters of chinese novels that haven’t been updated for more than 4 months. And Tang dynasty’s female forensic was nominated. I hope you are okay with that. Any problem just contact me – maggiexiling@gmail.com.


    1. Hi Maggie, I haven’t had time to update in so long. Are you still translating chapters from chinese novels on hiatus? If so, please respond to this and I will email you! 🙂


  4. Hi Jollymerry,
    Thank you for the translated Chapters of Tang Dynasty Female Fornsic Doctor.
    Is it going to be updated? If not can it be picked up by someone else?
    I am loving this story so much that I am salivating for new chapters😊



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